Iwami Kagura: Witness the Truly Local, Mythical, and Alive Tradition Up Close

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Iwami Kagura, a cherished ancient performance art unique to the western region of Shimane. Beyond a mere tradition, Iwami Kagura is deeply woven into the fabric of local life, uniting people from all walks of life who enjoy their weekly gatherings and performances together.

Join our unprecedented Iwami Kagura Immersion Tour, curated by one of some 150 performance groups in the area. Our tour offers a truly exclusive, local, and once-in-a-lifetime experience. Guests are invited to learn about the tradition, enjoy the breathtakingly energetic dance and music performances in a private setting while savoring fine local sake, and finally, mingle with the performers off-stage to get to know the people behind the masks.

Prepare to be mesmerized as the mythology unfolds before your eyes and partake in Western Shimane’s vibrant local life through Iwami Kagura. Limited spots are available, so secure your place on this extraordinary tour today for a night you'll never forget.
From $260/person
Each tour can accommodate from one up to 10 persons.


Exclusive Private Performance
Experience the true essence of Iwami Kagura with an intimate, private performance for your small group. Witness this captivating art form in its authentic setting, within the sacred confines of a Shinto shrine.
Local Sake Paired with the Performance
Each performance is accompanied by a specifically chosen "paired" sake, with flavors that harmonize with the essence of the show. This premium sake, crafted by a century-old brewery in Yunotsu Onsen Town, is served in sake vessels modeled after kagura masks, for you to take home as a souvenir.
Interaction with Performers
After the performance, mingle with the talented Kagura dancers off-stage, assisted by an interpreter. Connect with the performers on a personal level and gain a deeper understanding of this cherished tradition. You can also try on the intricate, vibrant costumes and play the kagura instruments.


Shrine Tour: Explore Iwami Kagura and Shinto Shrine Customs
Prior to the performance, take a guided tour of Tatsunogozen Shrine, the venue for the spectacle. Discover the intriguing historical and cultural connections between Iwami Kagura and shrines. Observe the symbolic Dragon Rock above the main hall and experience proper shrine etiquette. (Guests can opt out of deity worship if it conflicts with their beliefs.)
Sake Tasting: The Flavors of the Local’s Finest
You are invited to sample various selected sake from the Wakabayashi Shuzo brewery in Yunotsu Town, specifically chosen to complement the day's performance program. Compare flavors and appreciate their uniqueness. For non-alcohol consumers, we provide kozo tea, made from the plant used in creating Sekishu washi, Shimane Prefecture's traditional craft paper.
Iwami Kagura Performance: Right in Front of Your Eyes
In this unique experience, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a private performance of Iwami Kagura with your group of up to 10 people. This intimate setting provides a close-up experience of the dynamism and beauty of this ancient art form. The performance includes three programs, with the popular classics 'Ebisu' and 'Orochi' (giant snake) among them.

Traditionally, locals have enjoyed Iwami Kagura while drinking sake, which had been offered to shrine deities and then shared by everyone to receive divine blessings. In keeping with the tradition, we encourage you to savor the local sake during the performances.

None of the performers is a professional dancer or musician; they are common people who take up Iwami Kagura as their hobby. Iwami Kagura continues to evolve as an “alive” traditional art, supported and passed on by the locals as part of their daily life. One performer explains: “During a performance, I am a deity in one instance and a Oni (demon) in another. Iwami Kagura is an incredible ‘hobby’ through which I can delight the audience by performing in front of them while fulfilling my desire to express myself.” Children and young people willingly participate in this tradition, becoming the bridge to pass down the legacy to future generations.

Iwami Kagura is a participatory experience, and the performers welcome your enthusiastic applause and cheers. Feel free to express your emotions and fully immerse yourself in the magic of the moment. This is a rare opportunity to experience Iwami Kagura in a truly authentic and personal way.
Mingle with Performers: A Rare Opportunity for Connection
After the performance, meet the performers who have stepped down from the stage and removed their costumes and masks. Upon meeting them in person, you realize that these powerful dancers are, in fact, local individuals from diverse backgrounds—an artisan, office worker, truck driver, plumbing business owner, and even a young grade school student who prefers performing Iwami Kagura to playing soccer.

Listen to their stories about performing and their weekly gatherings, ask questions to find personal connections, and try your hand at playing the kagura instruments and donning the stunning yet surprisingly heavy costumes. According to some of the previous participants, engaging with the performers after the show was their favorite part of the entire tour!


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By reservation only.
The tour is available throughout the year, except for the following dates: Dec. 28 to Jan. 5, Aug. 13-16, Saturdays, and shrine festival days.
We recommend using a taxi or rental car from Izumo Airport or Izumoshi Station.
Please wear comfortable, layered clothing. Formal attire is unnecessary, but please cover your skin to show respect at the shrine.
From $260 per person (All-inclusive)
*Per-person fee varies based on group size.
*Please inquire for a quotation when registering for the tour.


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